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Loni Hull here, owner and president of Structure Cycleworks.

I want to personally extend an invitation for you be part of something extraordinary, born in our Rocky Mountains, and proudly Canadian.

The next chapter in the evolution of the mountain bike has been over four years in the making. As we prepare for our public unveiling at Crankworx Whistler, 2017, I invite you to join us in a preview of the launch of our first model, the SCW 1.

Six technologies separate the SCW 1 from traditional designs, the most obvious of which is the Without Telescoping Fork™ (WTF) front suspension system. Eliminating the linear, sliding motion of a conventional fork allows complete integration of the chassis components and new degrees of control over the suspension response. WTF Suspension erases small impacts as it moves on nearly frictionless bearings, provides up to 80% more steering stability during large impacts, and offers up to 40% greater resistance to dive under hard braking. This level of performance is unique to Structure’s suspension design and cannot be achieved with less sophisticated systems.

The best chassis can provide the best experience only if it is properly matched to the rider. Structure customizes the fit of the SCW 1, giving riders freedom to choose the chassis size that best matches the desired levels of agility and high-speed stability. Taking this a step further, only Structure adjusts pedaling and suspension responses for each chassis size to ensure riders of all sizes experience the same level of performance.

The proof is in the ride, where the difference is immediately apparent. Small bumps that normally make up the background noise of mountain biking become conspicuously silent. The precarious nose-dive of steep descents and hard braking is replaced with stable and balanced suspension. Speeds that were previously on the ragged edge of control become confident and exhilarating. Perhaps the strongest endorsement of the WTF suspension system is how easily riders adapt to it, and then how awkward a telescoping fork feels afterward.

An advanced suspension system deserves advanced materials and construction. The entire SCW 1 chassis will be constructed from premium grades of carbon in one of the most advanced facilities in the industry to combine strength, stiffness, and light weight. Durability is backed by a five year warranty and no-fault crash replacement policy.

Structure customers can choose from a curated selection of components that have been evaluated by Structure designers and test riders to ensure a level of performance and innovation befitting of the SCW 1. Every purchase includes consultation with Structure staff to ensure the fit, handling, suspension, and componentry are perfectly tailored to the rider and the terrain, whether that is the high speeds of Alberta trails, the steep descents of BC, or anywhere beyond.

To show our thanks to early supporters,
the first fifty SCW 1 customers will become part of The Foundation,
which includes:


  • Numbered and signed frame stamp indicating Foundation status
  • Foundation series colours and graphics
  • Invitations to Foundation events and rides with Structure team members
  • Custom Structure accessories
  • Risk-free purchase: Our 100% money-back guarantee of satisfaction is doubled to four months for Foundation members - four times the current industry best

We proudly present the Structure Cycleworks SCW 1.

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