Become a Development Rider

Become a Development Rider

Become a Development Rider


Join Structure design staff for a full day of riding.

Meet us where the SCW 1 was born. Pick up a beautifully equipped SCW 1 for a full day of guided riding with Structure staff and get to know the most capable bike on the mountain. Within moments of hitting the trail, you'll discover massive improvements in bump sensitivity, control under braking, and stability when the going gets hard.

This package includes:

  • An introduction by Structure staff to features and setup of the SCW 1
  • A suspension and kinematics tech brief 
  • A full-day ride on a complete SCW 1 early production bike
  • An invitation to weigh in on performance and features of the SCW 1. We want you on our development team.
  • Up to $250 in demo purchases may be applied to purchase of a Structure SCW 1 chassis or complete


  • We will have early production bikes by Spring 2019
  • We'll contact you as soon as demo days become available and invite you to schedule a ride date and time with us
  • You'll need a photo ID and a credit card (for a damage deposit) to demo a bike
  • Feel free to bring your own pedals if you prefer. Flats will be provided.
  • Before you ride, we'll ask you to complete a digital waiver form at our demo tent
  • We ask that you post about your ride on social media to help us get the word out