The most significant evolution in mountain bike chassis design since rear suspension.

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What is WTF Technology?

Telescoping forks come with compromises that negatively affect the performance of the whole bike. Structure’s WTF (Without Telescoping Fork) suspension system solves these problems and delivers massive improvements in ride, handling, and at-the-limit performance.

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Browse our Limited Edition Foundation Series or take a tour of the options available in our Janus Series.

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Bring Your Own Components

Boost axle spacing, threaded BSA bottom bracket, and typical component specs mean that great components from your old favourite bike can easily be transferred to your new favourite bike.

Who We Are

Structure was established with one goal: Take lessons learned in motorsport and bring them to mountain bikes, making them faster, more stable, and less inclined to send riders over the bars (OTB) while riding harder and faster.

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We push the boundaries of mountain bike performance through innovation while giving riders the ultimate MTB experience every time they jump on a Structure.

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What Our Customers Are Saying

Gold Medal

I was one lucky individual; was able to ride the Structure #1 bike off the production. It’s only a week old. The SCW1  was able to rocket me into a gold medal, first time in my life. Thank you, Structure SCW1! Let’s ride!

Dave Smith - Cat 1 racer

Eclipses the Performance of the Best Established Brands

I’ve ridden Santa Cruz products since 2003 and for a new company to eclipse SC trail manners on their first bike is amazing. The feel going down the hill was very confident. I felt the only thing holding it back was the pilot over-braking. Very impressive and will likely change the bike industry’s approach, as it is a game changer!

Jeff Hill, skilled rider in the  Canadian Rockies

Elegant Lines

I think it’s actually really nice looking! I love how the front links flow into the rear, there’s some elegant lines going on. There’s plenty of ugly bikes out there with telescopic forks too, I think Structure did a good job of getting the bike looking as good as it does!

Ali Clarkson - MTB and Trials Pro

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