It’s a literal beast. This is the quiver killer.

This bike will absolutely slay! It's so well balanced jumping too...I love running it down a longer flow / jump trail. Between the predictable handling in the air and the reduced harshness from braking bumps / better body position it just hauls.

- Cameron Somerville, SCW1 owner

Today I was riding the Structure SCW Cycleworks bike in the downhill. I saw it and was like, “That thing is cool looking! I wonder how it rides. So I talked to the guys. They were super awesome; they let me ride around in the parking lot a little bit and then took me out on a demo. I really liked it and wanted to practice on it. I ended up racing on it and took third in the Cat 1 men!

- Ryan Sullivan, Cat 1 Racer

Took third in the Cat 1 men!

Video Testimonials

The platform is…the best I’ve climbed, jumped or dropped.

I think the perfection of that front end is just dialing in to rider preference. The platform is already the best I’ve climbed, jumped or dropped...Awesome work, Fellas.

- Craig Tyler, Expert MTB

I think it’s actually really nice looking! I love how the front links flow into the rear, there’s some elegant lines going on. There’s plenty of ugly bikes out there with telescopic forks too, I think Structure did a good job of getting the bike looking as good as it does!

- Ali Clarkson, Pro MTB / Trials reviewer

I love how the front links flow into the rear