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WTF Linkage smoothes bumps and resists brake dive so well it makes traditional bikes feel unacceptable.

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We've solved the problems that come with regular Telescoping forks so you don't have to compromise on handling or performance.


Benefits Of Structurebike's Linkage Frame

Issues Inherent To Other Brands

Benefits of Structure’s WTF Linkage

Telescoping forks and rear linkage systems are inherently mismatched in feel, with differing spring rates


Front and rear feel work together as a unit with matching leverage ratios and use the same off-the-shelf shock. In fact, the two shocks can be swapped

Telescoping forks dive under braking and steepen to ~73° at full pitch


Our 500g solid front fork stays at 66° under pitch (front compression only) and slackens to 58.3° under heave, creating greater stability the harder you ride

Front trail shortens and steering becomes less stable under braking/impacts


Trail, the measurement of front wheel steering stability, starts short and nimble at sag and grows under compression to as much as double that of a telescoping fork

A traditional fork has to be a heavy structural member while handling braking, suspension, and steering inputs


WTF Linkage separates steering, braking, and suspension forces and uses short, stiff arms to create a system that is 25% stiffer than leading enduro forks

Telescoping forks are not maintenance-friendly, requiring seal, bushing and oil service as often as every 50 hours


Linkage is easy to maintain. Our pivots use standard 6903 cartridge bearings that last so long we warranty them for life, and shocks are easier to service than telescoping forks. It’s no contest; WTF is lower maintenance

Typical forks experience bending loads that create bushing bind and stiction, impeding responsiveness / smoothness and often causing crashes.


WTF Linkage rotates on sealed bearings, so there is nothing to stick or bind as the suspension travels. This creates the smoothest ride in MTB.

Structure Maintenance: In It For The Long Haul


Less Accidents
For Pro Circuit Riders

Taken as an average of dive reduction under braking, better grip during cornering, and better chassis balance, Structure riders tend to stay on the bike instead of over the bars **but care is always required in our sport.

The Structure Commitment To Quality

Lifetime Warranty

We stand behind our technology and our bikes.


Lifetime Crash Replacement

Our goal is to keep customers in the Structure family for life. No matter what the circumstance, as part of this program, the price of replacement Structure product is 50% off the listed local price.