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The results have been amazing

Original seed funding was used to prove that we could build an all linkage bike that performs as well or better than the best competitor brands. We succeeded in that mission.

You are invited to participate in the launch of our next seed funding to raise $1.6M USD to complete the technology for a new modular front suspension that expands the product line to include aluminum frames at a lower price point.

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A Message From Our CEO

It has been a tremendous experience to see the SCW1 come to life. From concept to production, the technology has performed better than expected. We are thankful and humbled by all the feedback received. From personal experiences to podium finishes, we are very proud of everything the team has accomplished. 

Please join us for the next phase of the business as we expand linkage technology and focus on building beautiful bikes.

Loni Hull,
CEO Structure Cycleworks

We push the boundaries of performance of mountain biking through innovation, while giving riders the ultimate MTB experience.

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