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Hitting the trails with WTF suspension for some extended Southern California sessions. 
Mar 6, 2021

Nov 27, 2019
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Sep 18, 2019
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Feb 13, 2020

This is the place where we can take a deeper dive into some of the technology and design components and give them extra light. Anything you want to know more about will be placed here if its too big for a standard faq response.

Five Reasons WTF Linkage Is Best

Jul 25, 2020 • Loni Hull

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What Makes Structure’s Pivots So Special?

Oct 16, 2019 • Loni Hull

How was Structure able to build a full-linkage suspension platform that stands up to the toughest rides and riders while offering a 250-hour bearing service interval? Read more>

Race demos of the SCW1 at the Sea Otter Classic

Aug 30, 2019 • Loni Hull

What was set out to be a regular demo booth at the 2019 Sea Otter Classic in Monterey, California ended up going above and beyond our wildest expectations by having racers demo, then race the bike. Read more>

The Evolution of Linkage Bike Design

Oct 4, 2018 • Loni Hull

It might come as a surprise, but when engineers first applied front suspension to a bicycle, widespread adoption of telescoping forks was not a foregone conclusion. Read more>

The Need for Change in Mountain Biking

Oct 1, 2018 • Loni Hull

It could have happened on virtually any bike on the slopes of Kicking Horse, British Columbia on July 1, 2010. I don’t blame the particular brand or model of bike I was riding, Read more>

Dave Smith
Cat 1 Racer

I was one lucky individual; was able to ride the Structure (#)1 bike off the production; it’s only a week old. The guys have put a lot of thought into this thing for the last five years, and it’s quite unique as you can see. What I found out on the downhill, bike is very smooth and very positive. I was able to get second in the downhill with this bike in the over 60 class. And then I raced the dual slalom, and with this bike, what worked out so good in the dual slalom was the cornering ability. Everybody else was sliding out on the off-camber stuff, and this thing was able to rocket me into a gold medal, first time in my life. Thank you, Structure SCW1! Let’s ride!

Ryan Sullivan
Cat 1 Racer

Today I was riding the Structure SCW Cycleworks bike in the downhill. I saw it and was like, “That thing is cool looking! I wonder how it rides. So I talked to the guys. They were super awesome; they let me ride around in the parking lot a little bit and then took me out on a demo. I really liked it and wanted to practice on it. I ended up racing on it and took third in the Cat 1 men!

Jeff H
Expert MTB

The rig is a force to be reckoned with. I’ve had the pleasure to ride the prototype aluminum build last season and now the full carbon prototype this year. The company made a decision to make the bike bombproof and in doing so has produced an Enduro/DH beast.

Considering that the bike is their first iteration of the production release, the performance is hard to believe. I’ve ridden Santa Cruz products since 2003 and for a new company to eclipse SC trail manners on their first bike is amazing.

The ride has full carbon, XX1 drive components, Magura brakes and beefy 2.6” tires. As expected, it doesn’t climb as well as my Hightower CC with 2.4” tires but is more nimble, and the downhill is no contest. I was easily 15-20% faster and in more control moving downhill on Family Guy (local Alberta trail) with the bike eating up trail noise in the form of small and big hits.

The feeling was very “grounded”, and cornering left me wondering why I had scrubbed off so much speed entering corners and techy sections. I was not able to understand if it was the bikes ability to reduce brake dive, slacken during compression, or if it was the linkage’s ability to transfer force to the frame instead of the handlebars, but the feel going down the hill was very confident. I felt the only thing holding it back was the pilot over-braking.

Very impressive and will likely change the bike industry’s approach, as it is a game changer!”

Craig Tyler
Expert MTB

I think the perfection of that front end is just dialing in to rider preference. The platform is already the best I’ve climbed, jumped or dropped...Awesome work, Fellas.

Ali Clarkson

I think it’s actually really nice looking! I love how the front links flow into the rear, there’s some elegant lines going on. There’s plenty of ugly bikes out there with telescopic forks too, I think Structure did a good job of getting the bike looking as good as it does!

Jim D
Expert MTB

Descending was much different and offered quite a change... It does stay on the ground, tracks beautifully and absorbs everything so smoothly.

Leave you with that, and must say it was exactly what I thought would happen if that bike is out on the trails on a regular basis. Guys were interested; they’ve seen this bike on YouTube and want to see it in person. They will talk up a storm every night if it is out there. Get it out in parking lot after a ride and you will have that reception every night. Let people try it!