We believe the consumer-direct sales model and the traditional, dealer-based sales model can coexist in a manner that benefits both dealers and manufacturers when each focuses on their strengths and encourages the other to do the same.

Local bike shops excel in the areas that are most challenging to manufacturers. Customers want to see and ride a bike before purchasing, require assembly and service, and enjoy a range of aftermarket components and accessories that are impractical for manufacturers to provide. Our sales model addresses these issues in the following ways:

Demo-to-sale program: There is no need to tie up capital in inventory that may sell out, takes up floor space, and may need to be liquidated when the next model year arrives. Instead, Structure encourages dealers to purchase a maximum of three demo bikes (one per size) at a substantial discount. If a customer places an order through the shop, the shop will receive a generous commission on a sliding scale that reflects the number of demo units purchased.

Assembly and service: Shops have the opportunity to provide assembly, fit, and ongoing service.

Aftermarket sales: Structure will stock a limited range of components, which customers can add or delete from their order à la carte. Discerning consumers will want to complete their builds with their favourite items via their local shops.

Please contact us for more details and to join us in the evolution of bicycle sales.