Lifetime Warranty

1. Structure warrants all frame parts and bearings to be free from defects in materials or workmanship for the life of the original owner from the original purchase date (product registration required). Non-transferable.

2. Modified, misplaced, misused, melted, improperly installed, or blatantly abused Structure product is not covered by warranty. Purchases made through eBay or similar resale sites are not supported by Structure.

3. Warranty claims for Structure products purchased through a dealer will be handled by the dealer for frame / bearing defects only, and will be handled between dealer representative and Structure customer service agent.

4. Warranty claims for Structure products purchased online for direct-to-consumer delivery will be handled between the customer and Structure customer service agent for frame / bearing defects only.

Lifetime Crash Replacement Claims

1. Structure offers a Lifetime Crash Replacement Program to any owner of Structure products. This catchall program covers accidents which fall outside of our Warranty coverage for any reason.

2. Our goal is to keep customers in the Structure family for life. No matter what the circumstance, as part of this program, the price of replacement Structure product is 50% off the listed local price. Please note that sales tax, freight, VAT/Import duties, shipping, and labor are not covered by Structure. Additional replacement parts are not covered by Structure but may be available for purchase. Please speak with a Customer Service representative for details.

Phone: 866-230-3567

E-mail: customerservice@structure.bike